Magdalena Salome Zawadzka, born in 1994 in Warsaw

Since my childhood I’ve been fascinated by biology, botanic and art. Before I started my artistic education I had been laureate of many contests for children and young adults. From the very beginning of studies in Warsaw Academy of Arts I was involved in many activities in student council. 

In 2014 I participated in „Decyzja/Decision” Exhibition hosted by Leeds School of Art, Architecture & Design.
In may 2016 I was a co-organizer and participant of the exhibition of graphic arts „Kissprint” situated in Warsaw.
In November 2016 I participated in a project „Pamięć Jako Wyzwanie” (Memory As A Challenge) in Vertical Gallery in Katowice
In march 2017 I participated in Exhibition „Pracownia nr 6_Kolekcja” (Workshop 6_Collection) Gallery Concrete, Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw.  In August 2017 I had individual exhibition in an exclusive venue „Miłość” (Love) Kredytowa 9 in Warsaw.
In October 2017, I gave an interview for the paper passion series by „Arctic Paper”, which is associated with the producer of high quality artistic papers. The series concerns artists from around the world who use paper in their art.

In September 2018, I defended my diploma at the Faculty of Graphic Arts (Genesis of Hiper-plant – RESPO124), combining bioengineering with modern graphic techniques.

In January 2020 I participated in Exhibition 3rd Art&Science „Power of Biological Structures” in Nencki Institute of experimental biology in Warsaw and Piotr Michałowski Art School Complex in Rzeszow.

My art is famous for its extremely abstract visions depicting the world around us. Imagination on the one hand and fascination with biological science on the other allow me to create expressive works.