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Magdalena Salome, born in 1994 in Warsaw. In 2018, she defended a diploma with dean’s honors in the Studio of Concept and Intermedia Graphics under the supervision of prof. Andrzej Węcławski, dr. Mateusz Dąbrowski and dr. Kamil Zaleski at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw.  She undertakes activities combining art with science. She is inspired by biological processes, the multidimensionality of perceiving them through the prism of emotions and the human attitude towards nature.

Artist Statement 

I find peace in nature, it fascinates me in an almost personal way. In portraying her, I want to convey her character but transformed by my sensitivity. Through misunderstanding and lack, through longing and excitement. 

I have something of a scientist in me. I like to explore, experiment and discover nature. On the one hand, I want to feel and experience it, on the other – extricate it, get it out of context. Through the books on plant physiology and scientific materials. I am attracted to design experiences. Presenting phenomena in a tangible and concrete way. On the other hand, I can’t get away from the aesthetic and poetic form of my work. 

I want to close everything I experience in the form of drawing, painting, graphics or sculpture. I try not to limit myself to one tool. I experiment with digital graphics, monotypes. I often uses plant matter, which can be both a tool and a medium.