Hiperroślina — RESPO124

Hiperroślina — RESPO124 (Hyper-plant RESPO124 — from response) is a project of genetic modify plant, which can be used in many possible ways, but the main reason for which it was created to help humanity with current degradation of our environment.

RESPO124 has become a universal plant „supporting” human activities on many fields of their activity. Its functioning is based on mechanisms used by plants for hundreds of years. At the same time, existence of hyper-plant is fully ecological and discreet.It does not require fertilization, it does not need an insecticide. It possess protective and supportive operation and it is beneficial for the cultivation of other species.

When I was creating this work, I became a laboratorant/researcher for a moment, and I designed a work / object / plant with all morphology, history and properties. Posing as a scientist, I treated my role with due respect. Assuming the aesthetics of the research work, I created the project that grew with the next „discoveries”. The search for hyper-plant’s purposefulness began with problems of the modern environment that I would like to solve. Subsequently, I chose for its „genetic parents” based on the qualities and cultural factors I wanted (their universality, strong embedding in culture). The last element was the „added value” of RESPO124, which for today is only science fiction.

The work consists of: a graphic depicting a hyper-plant made in digital technology; three etchings, so-called – „genetic parents” depicting potato, peas and tomato; ten „slides” (print on plexiglass) portraying individual fragments of a hyper-plant, three sculptures made of organic structures picturing the „insect bug”. 

Through my project, on the one hand, I wanted to pay tribute to modern scientists, whose authority in recent years has been significantly reduced, on the other, – as an artist, wanted to take a voice in the discussion on bioengineering.