The ‚Womanhood’ project is an ongoing exploration and celebration of femininity in its diverse and multifaceted forms. As the project continues to evolve, it expands
to encompass more paintings, each portraying a spectrum of women’s silhouettes and their archetypes. At the heart of this series are botanical pigments, which serve as the essence, backdrop, and heart of every artwork.

Rather than imposing a singular narrative, the titles within the ‚Womanhood’ series serve as gentle invitations, encouraging viewers to embark on their own personal
journey of interpretation and discovery. Each painting offers a nuanced portrayal of femininity, inviting contemplation and reflection on the myriad expressions of womanhood. Each work with my own lived experiences and the stories of specific
individuals: from the nurturing embrace of motherhood to the sorrow of a young girl coming of age, from the religious aspect of femininity to feelings of alienation, shame, and righteous anger.

Ultimately, the ‚Womanhood’ series seeks to celebrate the rich diversity of women’s experiences and identities. It invites viewers to embrace the beauty and complexity of womanhood in all its forms, fostering a sense of inclusivity and empowerment.